Universal FTW

Granted, when the no-so-great high def format war is officially chronicled and talked about in future generations to the few who care, Warner Bros. decision to only support Blu-ray will most likely be considered the key turning point. But the battle could've dragged on for years as long as HDDVD was able to keep noteworthy studios like Universal & Paramount. But that's now changed as well, with Universal saying they'll be dropping HDDVD like a bad habit once their exclusivity deal ends in May. They didn't actually say they were committing to Blu-ray, but it would be odd that they would be the only major movie studio not releasing movies on any high-def format whatsoever. I'm sure if you went with HDDVD, you are pretty upset right now. But hey, you can probably pick up a ton high-def dvds for cheap real soon!

Is Namco trying to one-up Nintendo with bizarre cross-overs? You would think you couldn't get any weirder than Snake being in Smash Bros, but from CES we get the out of nowhere announcement that Darth Vader & Yoda will be in the new Soul Calibur game. And while most moronic geeks are questioning how this fits into canon or how any other fighters could stand up to the force & lightsabers, I choose to revel in this absurdity for all its worth. Strong rumors of more Star Wars characters to come as well. As long as the game is fun & balanced, you can throw Boss Nass & Jar Jar Binks in there as well.

I admit, I'm kinda tempted to see In the Name of the King, just to see what Uwe Boll idea of a LOTR-esque epic would look like (especially when he has less and a third of the budget to work with). But, I'll probably just save the money and be sure that it sucks.

TRAILER OF THE WEEK: The Forbidden Kingdom

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