Will Ferrel gives me a semi

I can't really explain it, by all rights, I should not be a big Will Ferrell fan. He's basically played the same character doing the same thing for the last several years, just in different arenas. From Anchorman to Talladega Nights to Blades of Glory to this week's biggest movie, Semi-Pro, he's rarely tried something different. And yet I'm more than willing to pay good money to watch it over again. Maybe eventually I'll get tired of his shtick, but for now I'll just enjoy it and not try to think too much about why.

What's the best possible news ever? That Scrubs 7th and final season may actually not be it's last. ABC, who actually owns the show, has been rumored to be trying to get at least one more season of this fantastic show. NBC is rightly pissed, but they also treated the show like crap for the whole time it's been on NBC despite it being the only worthwhile sitcom on the entire network until The Office & 30 Rock came along.

That's really it for today, but your Trailer of the week is a new kickass trailer for IRON MAN (god this is gonna be awesome):


Pelechati said...

it looks just terrible. You can have iron man i'll keep transformers.

Eric Chrisman said...

You're insane. Everyone else I know who has seen the trailer thinks it'll easily be the best action movie this year, possibly the best comic book movie to date.

Anonymous said...

Why does NBC seem so hellbent on killing Scrubs? Scrubs has been treated like shit by NBC for years, yet because the show is so strong and the fans are so supportive, the show has existed as long as it has.

Now that another network (ABC) wants to pick up the show for another season, NBC wants to stand in the way and say the show ends with them, like it or not.

This is bullshit to say the least. If the cast, writers and BL are up to doing another season, why stand in their way? Haven't they been good enough to you NBC? Apparently not.

supergg2k said...

Semi-Pro looks funny, but my all time favorite basketball comedy is "The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh".