Is the PSP actually good now?

We all remember how this little portable war started. The DS came out with it's unimpressive lineup and weird dual screen/touch screen setup that nobody really got and it was thought to be a failed experiment by Nintendo much like the Virtual Boy. Surely, the PSP, which was superior graphically and had many multimedia functions right out of the box would easily dominate the handheld market. But I think by now everybody knows better than to scoff at anything Nintendo does. The DS is the hottest system in the world, with a plethora of great games that really appeal to all audiences, while the PSP, while generally selling well, can't ever hope to catch up. A big part of the reason was that while the DS started off slow with a poor library, that was remedied quickly. And the PSP's lineup of good games has always been few and far between. But now, that seems to finally starting to be remedied. The last few months of 07 saw quite a few worthwhile games such as FF Tactics, Castlevania & Disgaea. And this month, we have two more titles actually worth checking out, the portable adventures of everybody's favorite murderous servant of the gods, Kratos, in Chains of Olympus, being the first. Between this and Crisis Core coming later this month, I may have to actually pick up my PSP every now and again. Hell, maybe I'll go nuts and trade in my crappy old used one for a nice new slim one.


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