The Sky is falling

Ugh. I think I'm Smashed Bros. out for a day or two. I spent basically the whole weekend unlocking characters & beating the Subspace Emissary mode, which was just a chore and not much fun. The good news is that the core fighting element is extremely fun still, and online actually works fairly well once it gets going, even if the setup is rough (much easier for friends than with someone anonymous). I've unlocked all but two characters-Wolf and Jigglypuff, and I don't mind waiting on either of them. I would definitely say the new characters are al pretty good and fun to use, my personal fave probably being Meta-Knight. This is the multi-player party game for the Wii. It's too bad they don;t have a smooth online setup or games like this, Strikers & Mario Kart could make the Wii the online system of choice by a long shot.

10,000 B.C. was horrible. Plain & simple. I'm actually sort of shocked that a movie this big can fail on so many fundamental levels, but credit to Roland Emmerich, the Uwe Boll on non-video game pieces of utter crap.

360 owners have something to be excited about this week, as the first downloadable content for Mass Effect is out at a pretty reasonable $5. Again, the price seems very reasonable, but I might just wait for more content and some kind of bargain all-in-one pack for around $20 or so, just doesn't seem like enough as it is.

That's really it for today as I've got an early start at work tomorrow. But here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Step Brothers

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