Before it was just rumor, but now it's been confirmed by none other than Dr. Cox himself, John C. McGinley, that Scrubs is indeed coming back for another full 18 episodes on ABC next fall. This is beyond awesome. I personally hope it becomes the mega-hit on ABC it has deserved to be for so long, possibly resulting in even more seasons. This show has managed to stay fresh this long, Bill Lawrence can probably keep coming up with good ideas for at least a couple more years.

And in just plain bizarre news, former singer & current waste of humanity Britney Spears will be doing a guest spot on another one of my favorite sitcoms, How I met Your Mother (which you can read about in the article I linked about Scrubs new season). I really don't understand the reasoning behind this at all. The woman is a complete disaster area. It might've been one thing if she was still a pop idol, but if you're going to have washed up strung out psychotics barely hanging on to their careers be on your show, take a page from Scrubs and have Gary Busey do a cameo.

I'll post it next time I update, but tomorrow, the long-awaited trailer for The Incredible Hulk should pop up online. Why should we be excited when the last Hulk film was a giant atrocity? Because Edward Norton has one hell of a track record and this is a film that will not act like the rest of the Marvel universe doesn't exist, which is pretty awesome.

Finally, though I'm sure all of you Wii owners are still madly playing Smash Bros, you can't take it everywhere, so if your looking for a good new portable experience, you should probably check out Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles-Ring of Fates comes out for the Nintendo DS and fixes the issues with the Gamecube original-namely not needing an ultra-expensive setup just to play with your friends. I want to pick this up, but I ignore my portable systems enough as it is, this may wait till I beat some more games and can prioritize playing them at home.

FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Drunken Masters


Pelechati said...

Its unfair. They save your show but can my Friday Night Lights, Veronica Mars.

How I met your mother has been pretty bad this year, lets hope the writer's break really improved the show.

Eric Chrisman said...

Sadly How I met your mother is on the bubble as well. TV execs are fucking morons.

Anonymous said...

Scrubs had high ratings for seasons 1-3, and that propelled them into syndication where more seasons equaled more money for ABC/Touchtone, so it made sense to renew them year after year. FNL, Veronica Mars and HIMYM don't have that luxury, although the writer's strike may be a blessing in disguise. It has (hopefully) brought us another season of Scrubs, and will probably bring another season of FNL and HIMYM.

Although TV execs may be morons, some of that blame has to be levied at the viewing audience, as they flock in groves to shitty reality shows that justify network renewals, yet largely ignore smartly written shows that die a quicker death than they deserve (Scrubs being the exception so far).

At some point, quality shows are going to have to figure out how to be profitable on a medium outside of network television, as it is clear that the audience that supports them now through the networks is not enough to justify renewal year after year. It's a damn shame.