"Home isn't shit"

 That's one hell of a marketing tag Granted, everybody has a right to their opinion, but the even Sony is claiming the thing is nowhere near out of beta, and it just seems like some unecessary appendage that should be lopped off at some point. I've never really had the urge to set up shop in there, but I haven't really heard any particular reaon to. I mean really, what is the point of setting up a virtual gamerspace? I can personalize myself fine with a theme and a gamer icon, I don't really need more than that, and it makes playing with people online a more complicated process. Sony is heavily rumored to be introducing a so called "premium" subscription service at E3, I wouldn't be surprised if they try and shoehorn Home into the deal somehow and make it even less appealing.

Homage or lawsuit? That'a a line something 3D Dot Heroes treads extremely carefully(I just got it in the mail from gamefly today), because the music, the look, the items, and even some of the dialog are taken off of the original Zelda way back in the NES era. Whether it's a love letter or a shameless rip-off is an argument best left to bitter cynics, as I'll be busy having fun playing the game rather than looking for some reason to hate it. I'm pretty sure I plan on keeping the title as I can get it for the bargain price of around $25 thanks to my gamefly discount and coupon.

What the hell is up with virtual console? There hasn't been a release in weeks. Some have theorized its because there aren't many good titles left, to which I say bullshit. Is Earthbound there yet? Either of the mutant league games? FFIV or VI? Any of the licensed NES era classics like Ducktales or Rescue Rangers? There is still a huge library of great catalog titles to fall back on and this is pretty inexcusable when it's easy money for both parties involved. Seriously, I want my Ducktales like yesterday. And my Goonies II like last week.

Ok I haven't been talking about movies much since I got back into writing, mainly because I didn't really want to put energy into writing about crappy movies I don't want to see. I still may keep that up, but this weekend there is a movie I'm very interested in seeing-the first really big budget movie based off a video game license, The Prince of Persia, starring formerly pasty white dude Jake Gyllenhal as an Arab prince, yeah that makes sense. Nevertheless, Disney seems to be hoping this is their next "Pirates" with all the marketing muscle behind it, and gamers are hoping it's something that will make video game movies (which have a history of well, sucking) at least a bit respectable. The reviews aren't horribly promising, but I'm looking for a fun dumb movie, not something on the level of the Dark Knight, and the general consensus is that it's the best video game adaptation yet, so I will most likely have a good time with it.

And finally, while I thought the whole Lego games thing was getting tired, every trailer I see for Lego Harry Potter, Years 1-4 seems intent on proving me wrong. Check it out and have a fun Memorial Day weekend (which I'll be working pretty much all of):

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