Link to the Past

Well, yes, I did see Iron Man 2, and I thought though it was a tad bloated, loading a little too much into its story, it was an fun and excellent film, with fantastic action sequences anchored by very solid performances from Robert Downey Jr. Don Cheadle and Mickey Rourke. It does make me really wish that we did not have to wait a year to see both Captain America & Thor and then wait even longer to see the Avengers.

Anyways, the big theme in gaming this week seems to be revisiting the past. And no, I don't mean expected sequels like Lost Planet 2 & Skate 3. But between 3D Dot Heroes, which is a mushy love letter to the original Legend of Zelda, Rocket Knight Adventures making its long overdue return to consoles via download, and even the dsi getting in on the action with Earthworm Jim being available for download as well (one of the few times I actually want a dsi, maybe I'll just bogart my fiance's...), it seems like a prime week for someone who really enjoys old school. I will definitely give my impressions of Rocket Knight some time this week so I will be able to download it, but frankly my gaming money is going towards Super Mario Galaxy 2, so as intriguing as 3D Dot Heroes looks, it's gonna have to wait for a rental (or at least for me to beat a few more games for trade-in)

Ok, I plan for a more meaty post either tomorrow or Tuesday, but I've got a lot of things going on this week (including an interview for a new job, which admittedly may cut into my blogging time) so I'll just leave you with my FREE GAME OF THE WEEK, which is in theme with today's post: Ultimate Flash Sonic

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KK said...

Enjoyed IM2 as well. I don't mind waiting on additional Marvel films if it means they get done right. What I *do* mind is having to put up with all the "news" these projects are generating in the meantime. Sheesh.