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Ok, I didn't really get a chance to see Prince of Persia this weekend, but I have every intention of seeing it this Friday, so I'll give my opinions of it then.

Alpha Protocol. An espionage game mixed with rpg elements by Obsidian (KOTOR II, Neverwinter Nights and the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas) sounds like a no-brainer to get excited about. I was extremely excited about it. Until the reviews started popping up. The dialogue system seems to be getting rave reviews, but the consensus is that the actual gameplay itself  leaves a lot to be desired. So considering there are other titles you can get out there with great dialogue systems and awesome gameplay (namely Mass Effect 2, and some would say Heavy Rain, but not me) it seems like something you'd be better off not wasting your money on. I'll leave it on my gamefly queue and give my impressions if I get around to it.

Is the film version of the Hobbit doomed? After being essentially placed in limbo thanks the the troubles of studio MGM, director Guillermo del Toro has left the project. How much this will effect the quality of the movie itself is questionable, as there are a number of solid directors who could take his place, though admittedly historically that hasn't gone all that well. The real question now is if the movie will ever see the light of day in the first place.

A Mass effect movie? Sounds potentially awesome, but the chances of it being a mess are high. A key point of Mass Effect is that there wasn't really a right and wrong, just shades of grey in your approach. That will probably be lost, which I'll be willing to accept with a good cast. If they don't have Seth Green as Joker, that's an automatic fail. What about the ubiquitous Commander Shepherd? Well, if they aren't totally stuck on the default bald space marine look, the options open up quite a bit. Personally, I think Mark Valley (Human Target) would be an excellent choice, though they are probably aiming for someone a little younger. More likely someone like The Rock or (ugh) Channing Tatum. Hopefully, they will not fuck this up.

Ok, that's all for today, I will probably post again tomorrow, but til then enjoy your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Tron Legacy (new)

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KK said...

Hoping to go see Prince of Persia this evening. I'm a fan of the game series, so it should be fun, at the very least. ;)

Del Toro's leave-taking from The Hobbit was unfortunate news. I had pretty much gotten used to the idea of him directing, and now the project is in limbo. Curse you, MGM. Get your friggin' act together.