7 licenses that should be given the Lego Treatment

Lego games have pretty much become their own genre at this point. And why not? What could've been a bunch of shoddy kiddy games has turned out to be a series of mostly fun all ages action titles brilliantly spoofing some great franchises. But With 2 Indiana Jones games and the upcoming release of yet another Star Wars Lego game based on the Clone Wars, they seem to be short on overall ideas. So here are 7 that could easily give the Lego games a much needed boost.

7. The Prince of Persia

Yeah, the movie bombed and the games have sort of gone downhill since the original Sands of Time. But the property itself would be pretty awesome for a lego game to be set in, with the cool palaces and dungeons. And Lego games have certainly proven that they can make even craptacular movies like the Star Wars prequels incredibly entertaining. The only downside would probably be that POP isn't exactly loaded with memorable characters, but that shouldn't get in the way of fun gameplay. I mean just look at the video, wouldn't that be awesome to actually play?

6. Evil Dead

Ok, going a little outside the box here, but seeing Ash and the Deadites lego-fied would just be pure awesome. I mean, it's a series known for not taking itself seriously in any way, shape or form to begin with, so making it a lego game wouldn't seem that out of the realm of possibility (aside from the fact that clearly Lego only wants to do family friendly properties). There's certainly an audience for it, as you can tell by the fan art above, and you can find any number of Evil Dead lego videos on youtube.

5. Alien/Predator

Arguably a much richer field to mine than Evil Dead, the Alien/Predator movies have become much like any other long-running horror franchise, definitely not scary and almost a joke. So might as well go all the way with it. And I could certainly see a lot of rich comedy opportunities in the usual Lego manner. Best of all, they could theoretically not eve have to cut down on the violence cause hey, it's just Lego characters, they get body parts cut off all the time!

4. DC/Marvel

Yeah, there's Lego Batman. But both the DC and Marvel Universes are so huge, any one of their key properties could easily be a Lego game in its own right, but obviously having something like a Justice League or Avengers or any random mismash ala the Marvel Ultmate Alliance games would be the preferred way to go. Since Batman has already been done, I'd rather  see a Marvel-based game, but really, somebody needs to get on this.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

Unfortunately I think the only reason this hasn't happened yet is that some company named Mega Bloks owns the rights, because otherwise this just seems way too obvious. It's got a ton of characters, sets ideal for lego adventures and it's very popular with families. My guess is we'll see it at some point, hopefully in the not too far off future (and preferably before another Lego Harry potter game).

2. Transformers

Granted, this might have to be handled a little more carefully to be done right, but Transformers in a lego setting would be ridiculously awesome. And just seeing Autobots, Deceptiocons, Dinobots, and whatever the hell else bots in the glorious Lego selves would be worth $50 or $60 all on its own.

1. Lord of the Rings

This would be my top wish. Seeing the awesome battles and characters in Lego form would be epic. And with Harry Potter arguably being the best Lego game to date, it's been proven that a fantasy setting as such would work really well. The time might not be right now, but hopefully if the Hobbit films ever get off the ground, it would be perfect opportunity.

All in all, the Lego franchise has the potential to remain frash for a long time, as long as they don't milk it by doing licenses either no one cares about, or continuing to mine already familiar ground (i.e. no more Star Wars). So hopefully, they'll be smart enough to do so.

Ok, that's it for today, I hopefully should be back a little later in the week with something. In the meantime, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Sucker Punch

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KK said...

Ha, enjoyed the vids. I agree that a LEGO LotR game would be bricktastic!

One of my all time favorite LEGO videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPnQ77a1UVk

The ever-popular musical "Silence of the Lambs" parody. ;)