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Hell just about anything is better than another goddamn Madden game. And later today, we get what is already being called one of the best video game adaptations to date, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the Video Game. It just sucks that unlike when something comes out on the 360 to download and we can get it at 12 am, we have to wait til the official PSN update hits, which is always a vague "sometime Tuesday", which usually translates to around 5 pm from what I've experienced. Admittedly that's better than waiting til August 24th, which is what you are going to have to do if you only have a 360. Of course I guess that's better than only having a Wii, which as of now, it isn't even coming out on, which makes no sense, since everybody seems to be comparing it to River City Ransom, one of the best games on the NES, which is available for download on the virtual console). Of course, I guess Wii owners could console (no pun intended) themselves by downloading RCR, it is only $5 and still stands as a completely awesome title.

In other Scott Pilgrim awesomeness, check out these fake movie posters for Chris Evans character, Lucas Lee:

The only thing that would make this more awesome is if they made fake trailers for them ala Funny People or Grindhouse. Course then someone may get the idea to actually make one of these in (which is how Machete happened) in which case the joke's gone a little too far.

One more cool Scott Pilgrim thing before I move on, you can check out both the Soundtrack and Original Score right now for free over at Spinner. Ad the game's soudtrack is available for a listen at the Playstation Blog

Jumping back a step, River City Ransom is one of many great games that have been released on the VC, but where all the great releases lately? 2010 has seen very few releases period, and barely ay of note. Is the VC pretty much a dead thing now that Wiiware is fully up and running?  IGN certainly seems to think so, and it would be hard to prove them wrong. I had no idea Japan's VC library is nearly double the size of the US one, and it seems like we basically get scraps with no explanation as to why. Admittedly it bothers me less lately with plenty of fantastic new content both retail and digital to spend my money on consitently, but it would be a shame to have the service basically slowly wither and die as it seems to be doing, even though there's a mountain of old school titles left untouched.

Is Blockbuster going to finally be able to challenge netflix and gamefly by combining games & movies into one rental service? That is what they are now trying. Admittedly, as I currently pay for both Netflix and Gamefly, an all-in-one subscription is overall a tempting offer, but as Netflix offers streaming and I'm overall pretty happy with Gamefly's service and selection, I'm willing to pay a bit more until Blockbuster can prove they offer something better. It honestly may be too little, too late anyways, as Gamefly and especially Netflix are ingrained into the public as where you go for online rentals.

Ok, That's it for today, I do apologize for only one post last week, but I was super busy and not a whole lot seemed to be going on that wasn't covered to death. I should be back Thursday with a review if the game, I sadly probably will not be able to see the movie til at least Monday due to me weekend just being packed work-wise, so expect of review of the film then. In the meantime enjoy 101 FREE GAMES to make up for lack of posting last week.

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