Eternal Damnantion?

In the most unlikely sequel news, 2 of the quirkiest games released in the last decade might be getting well deserved sequels. The first has been in demand for awhile, as developer Silicon Knights has said their next project would be follow-up to one of their most requested IPs. They really only have 2 IPs worth mentioning-The Legacy of Kain series and Eternal Darkness. And no one cares that much about Legacy of Kain, so hopefully that only leaves a sequel to the completely crazy and incredibly awesome Gamecube exclusive. The inherent randomness and weirdness of the franchise could certainly benefit from the Wii U's unique controller and that is supposedly the system they would be developing the follow-up for. As much as I'd love a sequel, Silicon Knights hasn't made a good game since the Gamecube days. In fact their last couple, Too Human and X-Men Destiny were fairly high-profile disasters. So as excited as I want to be for this possibility, I gotta wonder if it's some last ditch effort to do reclaim some past glory.

Suda 51 is arguably the craziest developer out there with games that flaunt non-traditional characters, gameplay and storylines such as No More Heroes and Killer 7. Arguably his most grounded work to date, Shadows of the Damned (imagine Resident Evil crossed with From Dusk til Dawn), received really solid reviews but pretty much died at retail in part thanks to virtually no marketing for it. I recently picked it up as part of a buy 2 get one free deal and am very entertained by it so far but it is really short so I admittedly might have felt cheated paying a full $60 for it (I'm hoping Lollipop Chainsaw, his next title will be much longer cause it looks very awesome). So it's surprising and awesome that a sequel is apparently seriously being considered. Hopefully if this does happen some serious marketing will actually be put behind it and it will make up for the failure of the first one.

That's all for today, should hopefully have another post up by Thursday. Until then, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: The Host

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