Flying too close to the sun....

Few franchises are like Kid Icarus. Even though it only has 2 previous games to its credit, the last being waaaayyyy back in 92, it has remained a popular franchise despite being practically buried by Nintendo. Sure he made a brief resurgence in the Smash Bros series, but that was no reason to believe there would be a whole new entry in the series. Then when the 3DS came out, a new Kid Icarus game was touted as one of the premier titles for the system. It took nearly an extra year but now it's finally here, and does it live up to the hype?

It depends on who you ask really, but all the reviews seem to agree on one thing-the controls for the on-ground sections are downright uncomfortable, sometimes to the point of causing pain. You think this would lead to a near universal panning, but again depending on the review you read the game is either awesome despite these control issues, or terrible because of it, and again, the reviews seem to all say the same things, the dialogue is funny, the upgrade system is slick, the graphics are top notch, etc. But the scores still tend to drastically differ. Granted I got done with Super Mario 3D Land months ago and am getting tired of only having Mario Kart 7 & Find Mii II to play, but I don't plan on buying a game I can't really get a serious try when the controls are such a divisive issue. This is where Nintendo's recent openness to demos would really come in handy in deciding to make a purchase or not. Since I can't really try before buying, I think this'll be a pass for now and just hope something else comes along soonish.

-That's all I have for today, I'll try and get another post in this weekend, until then here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: The Adventures of Zomboy

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