The 3DS has no good rpgs/the 3DS has plenty of great rpgs

Depending on how you look at it, if there is one area the 3DS library is pretty inefficient in its rpgs offerings. There are tons of great DS rpg you can play on it, but 3DS offerings are fairly slim. The only original title I can think of is Ghost Recon, which was a launch title, and since then there have been a few frankly overpriced remakes and that's it. So a good Diablo clone would probably be pretty welcome right? Unfortunately based on reviews and the demo I played, Heroes of Ruin is not the salvation portable rpg fans have been waiting for. It's slow and clunky and generic and sure as hell not worth the top tier $40 price tag, If anything it's another argument that most of these games would be better off as $20 offerings where we wouldn't judge them so harshly. Hopefully Kingdom Hearts 3D, which is out in 2 weeks will provide the rpg fix we have long waited for (which based on most early reviews, it does).

And of course finally, Dark Knight Rises is out tomorrow. Expectations are ridiculously high, but I have little doubt Nolan will provide one hell of a conclusion. The bigger question is what's next? It's almost a given that Warner & DC will be scrambling for a reboot to fit in line with an eventual Justice League film, and is that something people will embrace or reject? I could certainly go with a less grim and realistic take on Batman, but it has to be handled with the proper balance. Too bad Joss Whedon isn't available, huh? That must sting...

Anyways, I plan on seeing both DKR and Amazing Spider-Man tomorrow(finally) so expect reviews on both hopefully tomorrow, but no later than Sunday. In the meantime, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Oz, The Great and Powerful

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