July is Squarenix month on the 3DS....

Seriously, this is actually a rather loaded month for the 3DS in general. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is out this week, an unusual game that offers plenty for fans of the series wonderful music and it's getting pretty solid reviews. Then Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure, another rhythm action title, hits the following week, and the 3DS also is getting Diablo-style adventure, Heroes of Ruin and the end of the month brings us Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance which you can check out the demo on the 3DS eshop, which gives an all-too brief glimpse (seriously, it's not even 10 minutes long) to judge anything in my opinion. I'll talk about those other releases in the coming weeks, but I think people can officially stop whining about there not being a steady stream of software as this month alone could keep one busy until the holidays.

The second huge nerd movie of the year, The Amazing Spider-Man opened today, and depending on what reviews you read it's either a nicely done take on familiar territory or territory that's too well-known to cover yet again and even a game performance by most of the actors can't save the well-worn material. Admittedly, there's little reason to do another origin story, after all Sam Raimi's first Spider-Man film was only 10 years ago. They could've easily done a movie without the origin, but I am a huge Spider-Man fan, so I'll definitely be seeing it this weekend and giving my opinions on it. At the very least it should be solid ground for a great sequel.

A $99 console with free games? Looks like it's happening It'll be an interesting experiment to be sure, but I'm not expecting it to put any serious dent in the market. People don't want to play free crappy mobile games on their TV. That kind of misses the point of those games. Also, why are they even trying this when many mobile companies claim they are the next thing and home consoles are a dying breed? If they manage to come up with some great free to play games sure, but if all we see are Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja knockoffs I don't think this'll be anything more than a mere novelty.

That's all for today, I should definitely be back Thursday or Friday with a Spider-Man review at least. Until then here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Why Stop Now?

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