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Gah, I had no intention of not posting for over a week even though I was out of town, but sometimes that's how things happen. I did pick up both Lego Batman 2 & Pokemon Conquest but have only played them briefly. They both seem like worthwhile purchases though, I covered my main complaints about Lego Batman 2 which is more about the Lego series in general in my last post. Pokemon Conquest is great aside from the pacing, where virtually everything counts as a "turn", and you can't say go to battle twice in the same turn or shop for items and fight in the same turn, etc. It really slows the game down, not nearly enough to be a deal breaker but it just seems like a ridiculously arbitrary thing.

Moving to two big DLCs this week, first up is Dawnguard, Skyrim's first (only?) big DLC expansion, which is about vampires. Joy. I mean granted, Skyrim is likely to have a very different take on vampires than most things, but vampires have kind of been done to death the last couple of years. There are dozens of races they could really focus on and expand with the deep lore of the Elder Scrolls series, and vampires just seems like the easy option. Even if I didn't have several rpgs in my backlog to get through I would have no interest in this.

And finally the extremely controversial "extended cut" dlc to further explain Mass Effect 3's controversial endings were finally released this week, and I can't imagine the end result pleasing anyone who was pissed enough to demand a change in the first place. I mean really, you get a slide show and a little extra explanation and that's it. Most people who complained and demanded something else wanted different endings or at least certainly something more than a slideshow. And again, I can't see a point in playing single-player dlc from here on out, any way you slice it, the story is done. Personally I thought the only ending that was improved at all was the "synthesis" ending because that one seemed to have the least amount of explanation to begin with (although that's probably because the results of "control" and "destroy" were pretty obvious). I really don't think this dlc solved anything (I still think the ending should've been a culmination of your choices up to that point, not something you chose at the end) and Bioware will just have to move on.

That's all for today, I will definitely get another post in this weekend, hopefully two more depending on my schedule, until then here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Here Comes the Boom

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