Pikachu's Ambition...

I didn't mean to gloss over the release of Lollipop Chainsaw this past Tuesday, but it's been a crazy week as I'm going to California next week and am just taking care of stuff I've been putting off in addition to working a ton. But all the reviews seem to confirm what I guessed-It's a fun quirky title, but sure as hell not worth $60. Much like the great but also not worth $60 Shadows of The Damned, which was a great buy at around $20. Titles like this really make the argument that every game really can't and shouldn't be this arbitrary price of $60. I'll bet if it was $40 brand new it would sell a lot better.

Moving on, Pokemon & Nobunaga's Ambition are both classic Japanese franchises, but you'd never figure the two would make a very good pairing. Much like the initial reaction to Kingdom Hearts, you'd be dead wrong. Pokemon Conquest is a weird blend of Pokemon and old-school turn-based strategy rpg that accroding to initial reviews, works surprisingly well. This is great news because I've been dying for a solid portable strategy rpg since Ghost Recon last year frankly and admittedly with a trip coming up I have a pretty good excuse to buy it. It's supposedly out Monday but I have heard rumors of it slipping to Friday so I'll just give impressions whenever I get my hands on it.

Ok that's really it for today, but I do plan to have another post up tomorrow. Until then, here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Achievement Unlimited 3

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of an arbitrary $60, have you noticed some of the Wii U games are listing at $100? I know this is just a pre order price and that it might go down, but it might not.