Proof of concept...

Nintendo had their first of several E3 events yesterday, with a presentation showing of a lot of the features of the Wii U. Most were pretty cool, such as live video chat, using the gamepad as a universal remote and the potential expanded feaures of the "Miiverse". It all sounds incredibly cool, whether or not it will be implemented into gameplay in interesting ways is yet to be seen. Honestly the most troubling words I heard during this whole presentation was "later" &; "eventually". These words accompanied many of the coolest features shown, and of course those words mean those features will not be available at launch, some may not be available for a long time after that if ever.

Hopefully Nintendo will get right on the ball and everything will be rolled out in short order. A lot of great ideas get presented at a console's launch and some are either not what they are cracked up to be or never see the light of day. These features being available shortly after the console's launch would be key, especially the social aspects in my opinion, where it looks like Nintendo is finally doing more than just playing catchup really poorly, they are doing something that is really unique and won't make them look like they are just aping their competitors. Tie that with a competent way to play online and you might have the best online system available which would be an amazing turnaround from the dark days of Friend Codes.

This of course was just the beginning, we'll see a lot more at the actual press conference on Tuesday. But as of right now I'm very impressed with the hardware, just need the software to match it and I'll be sold.

That's all for today, I have a pretty packed schedule today and tomorrow, I will try and do an update on Microsoft and Sony's press conferences possibly late tonight or early tomorrow but at the absolute latest I will do a post on all 3 tomorrow evening. Until then, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Les Miserables

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