Well I'm not buying a Wii U this year...

Not based on Nintendo's severely underwhelming E3 presentation, anyways. It just seemed full of opportunities where they could have shown why the Wii U tablet is so essential to a different gaming experience, an it didn't. Pikmin 3, which should've been a showcase title for the tablet, doesn't even need the tablet, it just adds a little functionality. New Super Mario Bros. U just looked like the laziest thing ever with some social content thrown in. And some of the games shown were just like why bother? Arkham City came out a year ago, and Mass Effect 3? Who the hell wants to wait to buy the 3rd game in the series? I'd actually be psyched to buy a Mass Effect trilogy that implemented the tablet for quick commands and menu stuff. That'd be simple and awesome. And I already own the whole trilogy!

The Wii U looks like a perfectly solid system, and I'm sure just by it being a Nintendo system, there will be some can't miss experiences that I will need to own it for. But they really failed to show anything that makes it a truly unique gaming experience with things only possible on the Wii U. Unlike say the Wii at the time it launched, which was so different every game was pretty much unique at the time. Sony and especially Microsoft's conferences were extremely underwhelming so Nintendo pretty much had the ball entirely in their court and they dropped it big time. Also not helping is things like the controllers only having about 3-5 hours of battery life and while it's nice that it can support 2 gamepads, clearly nothing at launch will support that feature because they've already said it practically cripples the framerates of games and no games showcasing this feature were even mentioned.

I was ready and willing to be blown away and at best I'm mildly intrigued. Short of some hugely surprising title or a surprisingly low price I can't see myself buying a Wii U this year and I'll be that's the majority reaction.

That's all for today, I will most likely have some final E3 thoughts tomorrow or Friday (there is a 3DS event later today that will hopefully be awesome). Until then, here's your BIG BANG OF THE WEEK:

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