Neither the Lego title we need or deserve....

Granted Lego Batman 2, out today, does finally offer some noticeable changes to the long stagnant Lego games formula that is practically it's own genre now. Full voice-acting, an open-world hub that's huge and characters that play really differently thanks to the powers of heroes like Flash, Superman & Martian Manhunter along with many others. That's great, and admittedly the reason the formula hasn't drastically changed is that even the weaker Lego titles are a blast to play thanks to their simple fun design.

But seriously, this is a game that really shines in multi-player, and it's ridiculous that they haven't done more than finally add split-screen co-op in the last couple of games. This is not a game that taxes hardware, making it 4-player should be a snap, and a game like this seriously screams for online play. I have lots of friends scattered all over the US and it would be extremely fun to play this with them not to mention it would be something aside from the deluge of shooters and sports titles that make up about 99% of online offerings. That being said, it still looks very fun and my wife is a huge Batman fan so if I don't grab it today I will probably grab it soon and I will give impressions when I do get some time in with it.

That's really it for today, but I should have another post today or tomorrow. Until then, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Pitch Perfect

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