The top ten games from E3 I'm looking forward to...

Admittedly I've been mostly a big ball of negativity about E3. And while not without good reason, that's ignoring the fact that there are plenty of games to get excited about, so here's the 10 games I'm most looking forward to playing hopefully in the not too far off future:

10. Nintendoland: According to Nintendo, this is the Wii U's own Wii Sports. Wii Sports didn't have a ton of depth, but it didn't need to, it was a lot of fun and easily showed off the capabilities of the Wii. Reggie himself said, when you play Nintendoland, you will instantly "get it". I dunno about all that, but it looks like an incredibly fun collection of pick up and play mini-games that holds at least some appeal to everybody, and we haven't even seen half of them.

9. Rayman Legends: New Super Mario Bros. U might have the name recognition, but we've seen it before a lot in just the last couple years (between Nintendo's systems, this'll will be the 4th game with the "new" moniker in 6 years, and it's a marginal improvement at best). Rayman Legends is similar gameplay, but with a great variety of characters and extremely colorful imaginative levels, it will do it better, just like it's highly acclaimed predecessor.

8. Epic Mickey : The Power of Illusion: I think Epic Mickey for consoles looks promising, but I'm far more excited about this 2D homage to the Castle of Illusion from back in Mickey's gaming heyday. It looks great and the 3DS has been surprisingly lacking in platformers overall, so this will fill a big hole for anybody looking for that.

7. South Park: The Stick of Truth: Granted, South Park games of yore have not been anything horribly exciting, but this game really has the look and feel of the show downpat, with heavy involvement from the creators. That combined with the same game studio who regularly brings us epics like Skyrim hopefully means on epic in adventure in the quiet mountain town.

6. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon: I really enjoyed the original title, just felt it wasn't nearly long enough (I'm pretty sure it barely passed the 6 hour mark), so hearing this long overdue sequel will have several mansions along with all new kinds of ghosts is more than enough to get me extremely excited.

5. Project P-100: A lot of people were wondering why this game wasn't shown at Nintendo's E3 press conference, as it seems to getting the majority of the positive press. Granted, it's a little similar to Pikmin 3, but it's got a much crazier fun Viewtiful Joe vibe to it. Which is fitting since much of the team worked on not only that series, but the incredibly awesome Okami as well, which virtually guarantees us an extremely exciting title.

4. The Last of Us: I shouldn't even need to explain why Naughty Dog's newest IP is near the top of my list. The guys behind the Uncharted series deliver amazing set pieces with great characters and always make it look effortless and this new franchise looks to follow that trend.

3. Watchdogs: If there is one game really running away with all the buzz at E3, it's Watchdogs. This futuristic open-world action title looks amazing. In fact, it probably won't be possible on current consoles without a lot of compromise, so don't be surprised if we don't really see this in final form til the new systems are out, but it'll probably be worth the wait.

2. Star Wars 1313: I admit I had pretty much written off Star Wars as a whole. But a dark Star Wars game not featuring a Jedi that has Uncharted-style gameplay? That looks pretty freaking amazing. I really hope this is one we won't have to wait too long for.

1. Paper Mario : The Paper Mario presentation really seemed to capture that elusive feeling of simple, fun pure joy that seemed readily absent from virtually every other corner of E3. I've immensely enjoyed the entire series, and cannot wait for this latest entry, it's easily my most anticipated game of this year.

That's all for today, I will see if I can squeeze out one more post post this weekend. If not, I'm sure I'll post something Monday or Tuesday.

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