I'd love to see Borderlands 2 on Wii U...

But unless some announcement comes out of nowhere, this week's release will not be available to those who will get a Wii U but don't own a 360 or PS3. The tablet screen would be great for things like weapon customization, inventory management and quickly using skills and abilities. By all reports the sequel is bigger better and funnier so there's not much reason to not pick this up if you enjoyed the original. I thought the original was just ok, so I'll probably try and rent this soon and give my impressions.

Dragon Age III has been known about for a long time, but it was officially announced yesterday, with a rough release date of next year. Not a whole lot of details were forthcoming, but the detail that lead many to believe it might be for next-gen consoles is that it is developed on the Frostbite 2 engine. It's not necessarily the case, as Battlefield 3 used that engine, but it is optimized to take advantage of very high end PCs that are probably on par with what the next Xbox or Playstation has to offer. Also of note (and concern frankly) is that Dragon Age III is almost assuredly going to have multi-player, which I just don't see fitting in with that series. Multi-player with Mass Effect was a good natural fit, even if it was implemented poorly by basically forcing people to play it to access all the single-player content in the endgame. Dragon Age isn't just medieval Mass Effect. It plays very differently and doesn't easily lend itself to multi-player. I won't judge until we see the final product, but I'm not hopeful that this won't be seen as some desperate attempt to shoehorn in mp in a franchise that not only doesn't need it but doesn't work well with it.

Those PC gamers looking for a good amount of bang for little buck will probably be very excited about this week's release of Torchlight II. New classes, more town hubs and dungeons and much Diablo-style gameplay and looting to be had for only $20, when many much higher end games don't offer nearly as much. I'm not a pc gamer but I got this on Xbox and had lots of fun with it so hopefully it will release on consoles in some form and I'll be sure to snatch it right up.

That's it for today, I have a new top ten list I've been kicking around that hopefully I'll get up in the next day or two here. Until then, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Lincoln

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