So yeah I pre-ordered a Wii U...

Ok I initially had no plans to pre-order a Wii U, much less get one this year. But a scary thought occured to me-What does my gaming calendar look like over the next year? There isn't a whole lot that's exciting for me personally. There is only one holiday title I'm extremely excited about-Paper Mario for the 3DS. Next year? I'm looking forward to Ni No Kuni on the PS3, Bioshock Infinite and Luigi's Mansion 2. That's about it. 

The Wii U has several titles at least in the launch window that all look incredibly exciting even if they don't really put the tablet to good use. Also, I'm a gamer and I'm married to a gamer. This makes being able to play games on the gamepad while my wife plays games on the TV a huge incentive and value for me, virtually guaranteeing any multi-platform release will be a Wii U version because of that.

Most of what I said still holds though, we have no clue as to online strategy. The Gamepad hasn't really shown itself as any kind of revolution like the Wii was. Even if the potential of the gamepad never really materializes, you have those always incredible first party Nintendo experiences, arguably the best version of any multi-platform titles, and some original properties popping up as well you don't see anywhere else.

That's really it for today, but I have another post I plan to get up tomorrow or Sunday. Until then. here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Castlevania: Ninja Gaiden

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