My Million Coin Journey...

So I reached 1 Million coins in New Super Mario Bros. 2 a few days ago, and promptly felt completely done with the game. It had taken about 2 months of somewhat inconsistent play that admittedly really ramped up with the release of the first wave of DLC level packs(especially the Gold Rush Pack). At times it really felt like a slog, mainly because there just wasn't that much to do. At it's core there's nothing wrong with the gameplay itself. It's classic 2d Maro. I could easily play hundreds of levels. But NSMB doesn't even have 60 and they are all incredibly short and seem to lack imagination. This shouldn't be hard, Super Mario 3D Land had  tons of levels along with multiple objectives for levels to keep things fresh long after the initial playthrough. What was NSMB 2's singular objective? Get more coins.

Along with more levels, a variety of way to collect coins would've helped tremendously. The previous NSMB game featured a large variety of entertaining minigames to enjoy long after the fun of playing through the main game ended. Simply including these and making them add to your coin count woud've helped tremendously. In fact, with that kind of formula, I don't think we'd feel a need to stop at one million coins. The counter doesn't stop at one million, you can keep going, but I can't imagine many who would want to. I really hope New Super Mario Bros. U offers a meatier experience, because it will be a very disappointing launch day otherwise.

That's really all for today, I should have another post up this weekend. Until then, here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Worldbox

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