Nintendoes what Sony don't...

In a recent interview, a vp of Sony's American branch, essentially claimed that Vita can already do what the gamepad does. Frankly, not only does that feel like desperate jumping on the bandwagon, it also feels like a disservice to the Vita as well. The Vita is it's own portable device that you can take anywhere, and while the cross-play feature is nice, it's only on a few select titles. Nintendo's Gamepad screen is supposed to be used on pretty much every game. In addition to that, it's not the primary feature Nintendo is touting. The primary feature is asymmetrical gaming. You know, that whole thing where one-player is playing one type of gameplay, and another player is doing something else entirely. This is not adding to the fact that a so-called similar setup of simply buying a PS3 and a Vita would be far more expensive than simply buying a Wii U. Finally, by the mere nature of how games are developed, you don't get the exact same experience. The Wii U is setup for this right out of the box. You get the same experience on the gamepad because it's actually the same game. The Vita isn't a portable PS3, there is bound to be a difference.

But primarily as I said the main thing here seems to be Sony's extremely desperate attempt to grab on to some of the Wii U's thunder possibly to help the flagging sales of the Vita. Sony is in that oh so unenviable position of third this generation and while that could certainly change this next round, it might take something pretty drastic with Nintendo getting out the gate first with what's virtually guaranteed to be the least expensive option. Then Microsoft pretty much has the hardcore gamer market in a stranglehold despite a big lack of exclusive titles so they'd have to work pretty hard to lose that edge. That added with Sony's massive financial issues that may even mean they may not even be a presence in gaming in a few years just makes them seem like a once great contender desperately trying to hang on to its glory days.

That's all for today, I should have another post up tomorrow on this week's game releases. In the meantime, here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Demon Shift

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