The X-Files....

I absolutely love turn-based strategy titles, which are pretty rare on consoles. I can probably count on one hand the number that came out this generation, and out of those only a couple were any good (namely Disgaea 4 & Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars). Admittedly, grabbing some classic revered franchise like XCOM and trying to update it for modern times can be a risky proposition. But according to pretty much every early review, this is a fantastic modern update. The whole idea that you can't please/save everyone and have to prioritize your resources and attention is a nice touch that adds a ton of replay value. The one thing that may be a deal-breaker for me is that death is permanent for your squad. I get the idea for the sake of challenge and realism, but there are few things that would annoy me more then having to replace a highly experienced squad member with a rookie I have to start all over with again. I certainly plan to at least give this a rent, and will hopefully give my impressions when I do.

On from revitalized older franchises to something we aren't seeing a whole lot of at this point-a wholly new IP. Dishonored is a stealth-action title that offers lots of choice is how you take out targets. Supposedly, you can even get through the game without even actually killing anybody. Though we've seen games promise that and while it's usually technically possible, it makes the games ridiculously hard to where it's not worth the payoff. Also, stealth-action games tend to handle the stealth fine, but fall apart at the action bits. Usually because your supposedly highly trained Assassin has trouble taking on anyone even though that should've been part of their training. There seem to be some complaints along those same lines but the reviews overall are really solid, hopefully making this a new franchise we can see future entries in.

Those looking for something new on the 3DS (especially to kill time until Paper Mario comes out) have something to look forward this week as well with Code of Princess. This game hasn't gotten much publicity, but it's from a lot of the same team that brought us the completely awesome Guardian Heroes. It's also an actual online 2D brawler, which is a rarity in and of itself. I hoping to get my hands on it sometime soon, I will give impressions if I do.

That's it for now, until next time here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: A Good Day to Die Hard

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