Microsoft won the battle, but Sony might've already won the war...

You know, it would be nice if console gaming really was just about the games. If you looked at yesterday's two big conferences from a pure gaming perspective, Microsoft to their credit won pretty handily. Their conference was nearly all games, games games as they said it would be. Most of those games looked pretty damn cool. I was really impressed with several titles, some of which are launch titles. If was just about the games, I'd probably be getting a Xbox One before I got a PS4.

Sony's Press conference in comparison wasn't all that strong, partially because they really had to cover a lot more subject matter. PS3, Vita(though just barely), boring media stuff. It seemed to take forever to get to games. And not to discount indy games, but that's the stuff you give time to on the show floor, not things you show to try and sell consoles. It's awesome that FFXV & KHIII are coming to the system. At some vague time in the future. The launch line-up itself is kind of vague and not all that strong (maybe Knack & Second Son at launch along with Killzone?). Hell now they are going to be charging for multi-player. If that was all they had going for them I think most would've said MS handily won the day.

But then Sony suddenly became the hero of the consumer by not only undercutting the Xbox One by $100, but keeping their stance on used games and drm the same as it is now, which is basically letting you do what you want. The crowd erupted in genuine enthusiasm and in a few moments Sony had just won to everyone watching. Whether or not this will make a difference this holiday is a little hard to say when you figure the average consumer doesn't pay attention to this stuff, but I think they'll pay attention to the difference in price at least.

I am certainly firmly in camp Sony at this point, and it may be awhile, if ever before I even look in the direction of the Xbox One.

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