14 games I'm looking forward to in 2014....

Well, last year I did 13 games to look forward to, and I intend to up it every year as long as I can, but I doubt I'll be able to keep it up forever. This year is also a little more challenging because it's the transitional year between generations. Releases for the 360 & PS3 are starting to dry up and solid release dates for next-gen titles are sparse because it's new technology and that can take awhile to work the kinks out. A lot of things people are very excited for probably aren't even close to done and may not hit until well into 2015 or later. That being said, there's plenty to get excited about next year so here's what I can't wait to get my hands on:

14: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 remix: Normally a re-release wouldn't make this list, but this will be a great warm-up to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III (which almost definitely won't make 2014) and I'll actually be pretty pumped to play Birth By Sleep in HD on a big screen as I enjoyed the PSP version but never got around to finishing it.

13.  Sunset Overdrive: Ok so Fuze was a bust, but that's mainly because it was lacking that personality you normally see in Insomniac titles. Sunset Overdrive looks to have that personality in spades and even though it's early, knowing Insomniac's penchant for great action and creative fun weapons makes this one of the next-gen titles I'm really looking forward to.

12.  Evil Within: Survival Horror has pretty much died off this last generation. Most games in this aside from a few notable indie efforts have just not been scary and also not very good. Shinji Mikami is looking to have the genre make a huge return with Evil Within and it looks pretty damn promising, and next gen usually allows for scares you couldn't do before, so while horror games usually don't even register on my radar, I'm very interested in this one.

11. Child of Light:  Holy hell does this look gorgeous. And it's inspired by the Jrpg style, but from the team that brought us the very awesome Far Cry 3? How could you not be excited about this game?

10. Tales of Xillia 2: Simply put, I love the Tales series and they rarely do straight up sequels, so I'm extremely interested to see the universe of Xillia after the events of the first game, especially how the characters are faring, which I'm sure they will touch on even if it's featuring a mostly new cast.

9. FFXIII: Lightning Returns: I liked FFXIII. It wasn't the greatest game ever, but it had a solid story and an awesome battle system. FFXIII-2 really cut what didn't work and tightened up what did, and Lightning Returns looks to be a great further refinement and really deliver on the promise of a proper FF game on current consoles.

8. Smash Bros. : Uh, it's Smash Bros, do I really need to say much else? Granted the Wii U entry was a tad underwhelming, but this one looks packed to with content and fun new characters. This may also be what finally really moves the needle on the flagging Wii U as many have said when Smash Bros finally hits is when they will get one.

7. Titanfall: Admittedly my initial reaction to Titanfall was meh, it's Call of Duty with mechs, big deal. But then you see elements like the parkour  and jet packs and how the mechs move and the fact that the mechs aren't everything and how insanely good it looks. Assuming I pick up an Xbox one in the next 6 or so months (and I'm hoping to) and Titanfall really has the legs it's promising this would probably be the first game I get and I expect it will rekindle my interest in shooters which has been nearly dead for years now.

6. The Order 1886: Alternate history with an ancient order protecting humanity from all kinds of monstrosities?  Sounds great. Add in somewhat future tech in an ancient time period along with awesome-looking action and you've got a pretty obvious winner here.

5. Destiny:  A new IP from Bungee that looks nothing like Halo? Hell yes. Plus this already seems to have emergent gameplay down to a T with constant events and changes happening. It could also basically be a prettier Borderlands, but I really don't see a problem there.

4. Transistor: Admittedly, as much as I want to be excited about the whole indie scene, most of those games don't really peak my interest either because I'm looking for a deeper, longer experience or seem to rely on a single gimmick that isn't worth the price of admission. Bastion was one of the few that what limited time I've had with it was completely awesome (I own it but it's one of many I've never gotten around to finishing) and I really can't wait to play the next game from SuperGiant.

3. South Park: The Stick of Truth: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE LET THIS FINALLY COME OUT! I'm a casual South Park fan, but this just looks so goddamn fun and hilarious and it's been delayed for frakking ever. If it gets pushed back again I'm not sure I can take it anymore...

2. Infamous Second Son: I wasn't that excited about Second Son, but not long after it's reveal I played through the first 2 games and absolutely loved how well they did the open world superhero thing. This one looks to really up the ante with tons of new powers and the first two had great stories and characters so hopefully this continues that.

1. Dragon Age: Inqusition: Some may have soured on Bioware, but aside from the ending, I thought Mass Effect 3 was amazingly epic, and Dragon Age II was a lot of fun with great characters (aside from whiny ass Anders), so I'm very ready for some more Bioware epicness and everything about the new Dragon Age seems to point to it be a combination of what worked best in the first two games along with some new stuff like open world exploration to possibly make it Bioware's best effort to date.

Ok that's the list, if there are some noteworthy admissions you are thinking of, there's plenty of other games I'm interested in trying out (like Watch Dogs) but not necessarily hugely amped up for and like I said, release dates aren't solid on almost any of these games to begin with, so these were ones I was fairly confident would be out this year. That's it for today, expect a gamer cinema tomorrow or Saturday.

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