Ten people who should be considered to host the VGX awards next year...

So, VGX happened this past weekend. It was mostly a lot of nothing. Very little in the way of mindblowing new trailers (aside from No Man's Sky, that potentially looks amazing) and no real surprises. And hosting is a thankless job that almost never goes over well, but bad hosting was epitomized in Joel McHale, who in addition to his usual snark just really seemed to not care and not want to be there. But I also think the blame's not entirely on McHale, as he seems like a poor fit. Assuming VGX continues to exist, their are plenty of celebs who would enjoy hosting such a show being gamers themselves and not completely piss off the people who would actually turn in to watch the show, here's 10 I think would do at least a watchable job:

10. Morgan Webb: Seriously, what the hell happened to Morgan Webb? Ok, X-Play was cancelled, but she's essentially considered a gaming goddess, it shouldn't be that hard for her to find work. And on top of that, she's got loads of experience hosting from her various shows so she'd be a natural fit. Though arguably, she's the least known "celebrity" on this list so if Spike was looking for any more casual viewers she may not be a draw.

9. Felicia Day: The ridiculously adorable Felicia Day is someone who clearly has a lot of visibility going with her various gigs like The Guild & Supernatural, she has a lot of cred with the gaming community. My only reservation would be that to my knowledge she has very little if any hosting experience, but hey you gotta start somewhere.

8. Nathan Fillion: Arguably the most well-known celeb on this list with the hit show Castle, he's also a nerd icon thanks to Firefly and Dr. Horrible and has various nerdy video game roles to his credit as well, so he's an easy choice. Though much like Felicia Day, to my knowledge he doesn't have much if any hosting experience and I'm not sure he'd be good at interviewing people. Might be at least interesting to see though.

7.  Ice T: Ice T is just an incredibly cool guy and he is a pretty major gamer, also having roles in several video games over the years, he's a very natural choice and would actually bring over some casual interest as well due to his crossover appeal.

6.  Olvia Munn: A gaming celeb and icon long before her now fairly steady acting career, Munn pretty much has all the qualities you'd want in a host, she's not too famous to overshadow the show, has plenty of current visibility thanks to recent stuff like New Girl and the Newsroom, has hosting experience and pretty solid comedic chops. Seems like a no-brainer unless she's not interested in doing gamer-related stuff anymore.

5. Vin Diesel: Ok, I'm not a huge fan of Vin Diesel the actor, but this guy made arguably the best video game movie to date-Escape From Butcher Bay and is a huge gaming and D&D geek. So he'd be a good choice to also draw in non-gamers who wouldn't think a guy like Diesel would be a gamer.

4.  Wil Wheaton: Nerd icon, actor, gamer, former game show host. Seems like an easy choice. Also, I like the idea that Wheaton would probably do his damnedest to make sure the awards show wouldn't be a complete joke as evidenced by his walking out on Arena after he was tired of the producers treating everyone like shit.

3. Jimmy Fallon:  Admittedly, I was not a fan on Fallon's SNL days, but he's really grown into his role as host of Late Night and that's in no small part due to his embrace of nerd culture, consistently showcasing videogames and videogame developers on his show along with nerdy stuff like singing Mario Kart Love Song with Selena Gomez. Clearly the guy is a natural host and would be able to handle the awards with a little respect and loving mockery instead of the pure snark we got from someone like Joel McHale.

2. A.J. Lee: You want someone who is just a huge fan of gaming and would be psyched as hell to host a gaming awards show that also happens to be a celebrity? Look no further. She dressed up as Kitana and did the character justice on a Halloween-themed episode of Raw, and is more than willing to croon about her gaming hobby on Twitter as she was just recently talking about how she's ready to get lost in Skyrim. I just really think she'd be a perfect host with her love of the industry, great personality, looks and crossover appeal, there's really only one person I think might do better.

1. Conan O'Brien: Here's the thing about awards shows: They are filled with awkward moments. Either someone doesn't know what to say, a bit falls flat, something goes wrong and you have to stall for time, etc. No one handles random awkwardness better than the Clueless Gamer, Conan O'Brien. Obviously his many years of hosting a talk show come in handy, and he's a good choice to speak to those people who might be watching who aren't gaming experts, and when something does go wrong or fall flat, there's few people who could improvise and save it like O'Brien. He's pretty much a master of making something out of nothing and would be the perfect host for virtually anything, but especially something like the VGX which needs a host that'll really inject life into it.

Ok, that's the list, feel free to suggest somebody I left out (or explain why someone on this list is a terrible idea). Expect a Gamer Cinema by the end of the week.

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