Gamer Cinema: In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds

That's right, there's a sequel (and apparently plans for a third, that thankfully hasn't happened yet). This is almost hilariously unusual in that you usually get straight to video sequels to movies that were at least mildly successful, instead of ones that flopped horribly at the box office. Because why would anyone bother watching a sequel to such an awful failure? Well somehow Uwe Boll managed to get it made. The main difference between this movie and it's predecessor is that it's one that feels totally on the level of a shit director like Boll. I mean Dolph Lundgren is the biggest "star" in this particular stinker and he's almost exclusively been in straight to video stuff for the last 15 or so years (with the exception of the Expendables movies, which are awful anyways).

So Lundgren plays a former special forces member, who gets pulled back in time to the Kingdom of Ehb and is supposed to fulfill an ancient prophecy. What ancient prophecy? Fuck if I know, the "plot" pretty much makes no sense, though that could be because the dialogue and acting are so bad it was hurting my brain. Lundgren is clearly at his best when he plays an unemotional robot (or you know, an unemotional Russian robot on steroids) and even trying to carry a movie not even worthy of being a "Syfy original" is beyond his depth. It looks much cheaper than it's predecessor, with worse fight scenes and effects. I did genuinely laugh when the King offer to outfit Lundgren with weapons and armor but he declares that all he needs is his knife, but that was clearly not meant to be a funny line. This is just pure garbage and granted most game-related stuff is but I think I'm going to try and find something at least tolerable for my next review.

That's all for today, look for another post in the next few days.

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