Weirdest game name ever?

Well ok, in the entire history of gaming I'm sure there are games with weirder titles, but Bravely Default, especially under it's full title, Bravely Default, Flying Fairy is one of the more odd titles I've ever seen. Nevertheless, Nintendo has actually been pushing this game pretty heavily as the first big 3DS release of 2014, probably trying to appeal to the same crowd that ate up Fire Emblem and are looking for a good traditional Jrpg experience. They even released a demo a few days ago to try out a full month before the official release. So being a big rpg nut I jumped on the opportunity to give the demo a try.

And in a lot of ways, Bravely Default is pretty much  as old school as you can get featuring traditional turn-based battles and a job system very reminiscent of games such as FFV. The main hook of the battles is pretty novel though-it features a risk/reward system where you can use several turns in one round, but not be able to use that character for several rounds after, or you can "default" and store up for a bigger stronger salvo. It definitely adds a good twist to what would otherwise be a fairly blah battle system.

The other aspect, the streetpass aspect is what gives it a certain addictive flavor though. You have to rebuild a town and at first you only have one little guy to do all the work, and clearing paths and building shops takes awhile, but every person you streetpass with adds another villager to make the work go faster. It's a pretty cool management resource thing. I've played the demo for several hours and haven't even scratched the surface yet with playing around with the various jobs. So if you are a fan of old school turn-based rpgs downloading the demo should be a no-brainer alos along with picking up the game when it hits in February.

That's all for today, hopefully have another post up in a couple of days, most likely a gamer cinema if nothing breaking happens.

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