Hope you like playing last gen games on your shiny new next gen consoles!

If you bought a shiny new PS4/XBox One odds are you are starving for something to play on it. I've been playing my PS3/Wii U/Vita/3DS plenty, but my PS4 has been sitting there for weeks, pretty much not touched (though admittedly I've been holding off on Skylanders Swapforce to clear some of my other games). Well finally here's something new to play! That came out like 10 months ago on last gen consoles. Sure it looks prettier and Tomb Raider is absolutely a fantastic game, if you haven't played it I highly recommend you pick it up. But you can also get it on current gen consoles for like $10. This seems to be a disturbing trend for at least the coming year. Even a lot of the bigger next gen titles (i.e. Titanfall) are getting last gen ports, and a lot of last gen stuff is getting ported such as Diablo and Rayman (and it's heavily rumored that there will be a GTA V port & a Skyrim port as well). I suspect that if those don't hold much interest from you your next gen console isn't going to get a ton of use for the next 8 or so months. It's funny that people were more than willing to put Nintendo to task for nearly the same problem but there isn't nearly the uproar here, just some minor grumblings.

Pretty much the only other thing I have to talk about is the FFXIII: Lightning Returns demo. I should preface this with the fact that I enjoyed FFXIII (though I'll say it's one of the weaker entries) and got a lot of enjoyment out of FFXIII-2 so if you don't fall into that camp I don't think you'd have much interest in this title. All the demo really does is give you a chance to try out the battle system which is arguably the most action-based a Final Fantasy title has seen to date. You actively move around the field, have to time your blocks, and quickly switch on the fly between several classes to keep on enemy on its toes and also if you stick with just one you run out of juice quickly. It seems promising I also know the premise is that you only have 13 "days" to stop the end of the world. Even if it's extremely generous I've never been a fan of games with arbitrary time limits like this because frankly it really reduces the idea of screwing around and exploring everything fully. Plus you might actually get to a point where the is too little time left and you are unprepared in which case you need to start all over again. But to be completely fair I don't know how the time plays out, so it may not be a big deal. That being said, I also didn't bite on FFXIII-2 til it was about $20, I suspect I'll do the same here as I've got plenty of rpgs higher on my list now and in the near future.

That's all for today, I'll certainly have another post up by Friday, most likely a new Gamer Cinema.

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