Does Internet Hype=Box Office?

That's the big question that will be answered this weekend when SNAKES ON A PLANE finally hits theatres after months & months of anticipation based pretty much strictly on the title. I think it will be a hit, but just how much of one is anybody's guess, as people who aren't internet junkies haven't really heard of the film and have no idea what the fuss is. What really makes Snakes unique is it complete lack of shame. Whether it's a bad movie or not is completely irrelevant (in fact, most are expecting it to be bad, but in a fun way). This is a cultural event for us internet geeks, I'll be seeing it with a bunch of people on Sunday, hoping it won't suck too bad.

I caught an early screening of Gridion Gang tonight. It was entertaining, and the Rock did a good job in a rare dramatic role, but it's still a very formulaic and predictable sports movie like every other one released in the last few years. There's a reason I never go to these anymore....

Ever wondered what the best toilets in gaming are? Me neither, but Maxim has gone ahead and picked out the top 12. Read if you dare.


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