Wait a Wii bit longer.

So tommorow, the latest unecessary update of Madden hits stores. It signifies so many things that I hate about not only EA, but the game industry in general (i.e. yearly updates with minimal improvements). But this may be the first year in many that I actually consider buying the game, just a version that isn't out yet. See, Madden is being especially made the Nintendo's Wii console to take full advantage of the Wiimote. This instantly makes a much needed change to the same old formula we've been force fed from this series for years (assuming it works of course). So I'm waiting until the Wii comes out to play some damn football, I reccomend you do the same.

Although Snakes on a Plane was number 1 this weekend, the underwhelming 15 million opening puts a lot of doubt on the suppossed power of the internet. Now some are saying that they just let the hype build too long, but I think it's just a reminder that the internet has a long ways to go before it starts being a real tool of influence. Now, I did see the film yesterday, and I thought it was fun, but it's the same kind of fun you get wacthing a cheesy horror film on late night cable.

Now I want to take a second to discuss the "ad" you should be seeing above this and every other post. I only wish it was something I was being paid for. It's mainly cause I'm a huge Zach Braff fan and I thought it would be something fun to try out since I think The Last Kiss looks really good. I have no idea how to make banners myself, so this won't be done too often, but if I can find one for something I'm real excited about, I may do a similar thing in the future. I also added his site to my links since he seems to be one of the few celebs who actually bothers to update it himself.

And I'll leave you today with the SCRUBS CLIP OF THE WEEK:

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