A vote of no confidence

You know, with all the bad press Sony's been getting lately, now is a key time to rally the troops. Get all the fiercely pro-Sony publications and websites out there spinning anything positive. What they really, really don't need is the editor of a publication that is supposed to be specifically about Sony's console telling people to NOT BUY IT. Now granted, it's not like Official Playstation Magazine is Sony's publication, but this is a magazine that is supposed to be all about Sony, even mentioning the the competition is a taboo that is rarely broken. And here's the editor of the goddamn magazine saying she'll pick a 360 over a PS3 this year. That's a pretty damning statement. After all, you don't really get that "Official" brand without Sony's approval, and this would send any Sony exec through the fucking roof.

Even fake gamer network G4 has joined the anti-Sony bandwagon, creating this rather clever spoof of the Mac vs. PC ads that have been running recently:

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