Burning Crusade? Don't they make a cream for that?

The WOW community is preparing for what will arguably be the biggest PC release this year: Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. It's almost sort of a good thing I still have a long list of games to plow through or this would be an extremely tempting way to fill my gaming void. But while a whole new land and things like flying mounts are pretty cool, it still doesn't solve a lot of lingering issues as to why I quit in the first place (the near impossibility of getting a group together for a long raid, the worst travel system in gaming, etc.). Oh well, there's always the next 50 expansions....

Of course those looking to actually socialize with their games will definitely want to pick up Wario Ware: Smooth Moves for the Wii. It's what I like to call a great equalizer, because no matter who you are, everyone looks ridiculous playing this game, and that really is part of the fun. I played it at the Nintendo Fusion Tour back in October and it's a complete blast for anyone who isn't afraid of looking a little foolish. The only thing I think it could obviously use is an online mode, but maybe that will be on the way once Nintendo finally gets online gaming going.

Finally, aspiring lawyers who don't want to deal with all that fancy legal knowledge can just go pick up Phoenix Wright: Justice For All, the sequel to the sleeper hit on the DS. I missed out on the first Phoenix Wright game, but I admit I might wait til the inevitable Wii version before getting into this as it just seems a little on the short side and hopefully a full blown console version would feature a lot more cases (possibly with additional downloadable ones in the future).

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