I got lots of nothing....

Ok, not entirely true, But this was a rather dull week, most of which I was sick of, so hence the extreme lack of posting. There's not even anything to really talk about today, but I got a few noteworthy links to check out(I'll be back Tuesday with thoughts on several things like the long awaited Crackdown demo):

Mass Effect Interview-God I cannot wait for this game. Hopefully, they really deliver on a deeper experience than Jade Empire, which was good, but really just KOTOR in Japan.

What is the Wii missing (ok aside from online multi-player)? PORTABILITY. I present to you, THE Wii LAPTOP:

And finally, to prep you for Monday's pure awesomeness of 24, THE 100 BEST MOMENTS OF 24

Stand Up of the Week: Dane Cook

Free Game of the Week: Islander Boys


Anonymous said...

just to inform his readers at one point he wasnt interested in 24, when i refered him to it he said it wasnt for him...now look at him total fanboy...way to join the masses.

Eric Chrisman said...

In case you are referring to me the writer if this blog, I don't know who you are , but you are full of complete shit, I've been watching the show since it premiered. No one ever referred it to me.

Pelechati said...

Chrisman is trying to save face. He honestly didnt watch it regularly until a few seasons in. I cant believe I wrote fanboy, I am really learning the blogging terminology.


Eric Chrisman said...

Whatever dude, believe whatever keeps your delusional mind happy. Even if I was late to get into the show (which I wasn't), who the fuck cares?