The Jack Bower Power Hour

So after finishing my blog update Thursday, I finally finished off Twilight Princess. It's a grand 50-hour epic that no gamer should miss out on. You'd think that I might have nothing left to play, but thanks to my buying frenzy over the last several months and my rather lethargic progress I still have a large backlog and plenty of titles that I want to pick up as soon as they are out not far in the future (namely Rogue Galaxy), so back into the grindstone I go.

Of course aside from several weekend playoff games (GO CHARGERS), there's plenty to distract, namely the long awaited premiere of 24. Now, if you are the least bit internet savvy, odds are you at least had the opportunity to download and watch the 4-hour 2 part premiere already like I have, and I can say that it's easily 4 of the best hours of TV I have seen in my lifetime. This also at least seems to be a more straightforward terrorist plot than last year's rather muddled conspiracy storyline, so that should help keep the action moving. It's amazing how the writers usually manage to top every opening, let's hope this time they can keep up the pace all season long. Of course the real challenge will be people choosing between 24 and the new smash Heroes, which returns the following Monday.

That's really all I got for today, but several big games are coming out next week, so I'll be sure to address those tommorow. Until then, to prepare for the premiere, THE BEST MOMENTS OF 24:

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