JT goes ghetto

That's right people, though not his first acting role by a long shot, Justin Timberlake's big screen debut where he plays a flunkie for a drug dealer, Alpha Dog opens this weekend. Suprisingly, most reviews of Timberlake's perfomance are solid, but it's with the agreement that it's a strong performance in a bad movie. So hopefully maybe he'll be able to shine in a much better movie.

As that's the only big movie worth talking about this weekend, I thought I'd move on to one of the first big releases of the year-Lost Planet for the 360. Problem is, it's still in the shadow of the runaway success of Gears of War. It's also got a somewhat similar theme, as you are mere humans going up against giant insect-like monsters, albeit on another world. I played the multi-player demo and it was underwhelming. Good thing I have plenty of backup games to work on until Mass Effect surfaces...


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