Biggest announcement EVERZ!!!!!

Well Konami is sure making it sound like one with the teaser they have going on. They are promising several major announcements, and nearly everybody is figuring the big one is going to be the official announcement of Metal Gear Solid 4 for the 360, which would be an enormous blow to Sony as it's one of the games they've showcased as a system exclusive for over a year. While this'll certainly Sony fanboys have heart attacks and MS fanboys jumping for joy, personally, I'm really interested in what the remaining announcements will be. A Castlevania game for the Wii? A whole new IP for next-gen? That they've hired someone to kill Uwe Boll? Anything's possible, so hopefully the announcements will come in the early morning hours as I've got work for a good majority of tomorrow.

Is Jack Thompson finally going down? It's not looking good for our favorite whacked-out crazy lawyer man, as he's facing disciplinary action which may lead ultimately to his disbarment. Much as I'd like to say this is the end of this stupid crusade, Jack is merely a moronic foot soldier in this campaign which has become a ridiculous hot button issue with many high-profile politicians (most notably Hilary Clinton). Isn't there more important shit to worry about? Like oh I dunno, A FUCKING WAR?!?

Moving on, I'm a little over 10 hours into Rogue Galaxy and really enjoying it so far. The combat is fierce and actually challenging and the characters are really well-rounded put so far, with plenty of depth to go around. I highly recommend it for anybody looking for a great action-rpg (even though the whole idea of sky pirates is getting a little tired by now).

That's it for today, but I'll most certainly be back tomorrow with thoughts on whatever Konami announced, whatever the new VC games are, and whetever else pops into my head.

Free Game of the week: Wasteland 2154

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