Ready to save Hyrule again?

Cause Ocarina of Time, which many gamers will ardently tell you is TEH GREATEST GAME EVERZ!!! Is now available on the virtual console. Of course the downside here is that odds are you owned or currently own it in some form, but if by some miracle you don't it's worth picking up again and if by some miracle you missed out, it's the best $10 you'll ever spend (though I admit playing a 3D Zelda with anything other than the Wii remote seems awkward after spending about 50 hours on Twilight Princess.

And the virtual console is getting even more awesome by the day as both the horror classic Splatterhouse & the nearly as good as Zelda Genesis classic Beyond Oasis are soon in coming.

And speaking of actually worthwhile downloadable content, XBLA may actually have something worthwhile soon. Out this week is Alien Hominid, which is a promising start after a long lull of nothing and/or crap. But more more intriguing is that the Worms page is up and running. Alien Hominid's was up about a week before it's release, so hopefully we can assume Worm warfare is close at hand.

Even more intriguing is the very solid rumor that TMNT: The Arcade Game is coming just in time for the new TMNT movie. Add in the long overdue Castle Crashers sometime soon and I'll be spending pretty much all my free time on Xbox Live...

So, I promised last time that I'd talk more about Sonic, but I'd rather just link you over to the review I wrote up at GrownupGamers cause I don't feel like repeating myself other than saying while it's not a full return to his glory days, it's Sonic's best game in years and a really solid choice for Wii gamers looking for something new.

Finally, it's another good week for Wii gamers as SSX Blur should be in stores on Wednesday. I'm sort of conflicted, as this is the first EA game in years I am truly excited about, but early word is that this is a simply amazing & incredibly fun title, so I can't wait to try it out.

Free Game of the Week: Dreamcatcher

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