Everybody at Sony is nuts

I apologize for no Thursday post, but I needed a little break from continually talking about how much weekend releases suck
Just in case you thought Kaz Hirai was alone in his bipolar insanity at Sony, Jack Tretton, SCEA President, has said in a new interview that he would pay $1200 to anyone who can find a PS3 on store shelves. Well of course Tycho and Gabe over at Penny Arcade took him right up on this offer:

Now granted, he's probably as serious about this as Jack Thompson was about donating money to charity, but it's just another in a long line of statements that continue to make Sony as a company look like giant jackasses who deserve utter failure.

But surely, all execs are this overconfident and boastful, right? WRONG! In fact, Nintendo, who should be laughing about how they now pwn our souls for all eternity is surprisingly conservative, emphasizing the need for consistently good software in order to drive sales and how they strive to reach a broader base beyond just the hardcore gamers.

And finally, thank you EA for killing your last truly enjoyable franchise. As ridiculous as the concept is, the Def Jam series has been surprisingly excellent in its first two iterations (I still have Fight for New York for the GC and its great). So while the initial videos did not impress I still anxiously awaited the demo for ICON. I did download it this past Thursday and it sucked worse than Kanye West trying to be humble. What was an edgy out of the box street fight was now a slow (and slow-loading) affair more reminiscent of a derivative Tekken knock-off, but lacking even half the depth of that rather mediocre series. I guess getting my jollies out of beating the crap out of rappers will have to stay last gen forever.

STAND-UP OF THE WEEK: Eddie Murphy: The Ice Cream Man

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