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So, just what was Konami's major announcement? That they already announced this "earth-shattering" news on Friday, that being that a DDR game is being made for the Wii and a Catlevania game is being made for PSP. I know PR departments are specifically paid to over-hype shit, but this is beyond ridiculous. This is almost up there with when we found out that Nintendo was basically naming their brand new system after a commonly used nickname for your penis. We expect this kind of bullshit from companies like EA, Sony or Microsoft, but Konami is usually known as one of the better companies that doesn't hype when hype isn't warranted. Hang your head in shame Konami...

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Thankfully if you wanted to perk up your day and you were a Wii owner, you're in luck, as Super Mario World (along with 3 other games no one cares about) was released on the Virtual Console today. Any serious fan of old school gaming needs to pick this up (that is if you don't have any of the fifty or so versions for other Nintendo systems that have been released).

Speaking of the umpteenth version of something, Final Fantasy VI for GBA is easily the biggest release this week. This literally marks at least its 3rd console release, but being able to play this rpg classic on the go might make it worth your while. I'm certainly heavily considering it (after I get through several of my console rpgs first, though).

N-Gage 2.0 is coming! Wait, did anyone even own a N-Gage? If they make it more of a phone that plays mobile games this time, I can see some viability, but this just seems like something that is doomed from the start, especially if it tries to compete in the portable market or even in the MP3 player market which it seems a little more geared towards.

So is Sony planning to do anything to counter Halo 3? Yeah, actually. Supposedly, the controversial Killzone 2 is near completion and at least should have a meaty demo ready slightly before the Halo 3 beta launches. Odds it'll be anything near enough to counter the Halo juggernaut? That'd be slim to none. Even if the game looks remotely close to CGI vid shown over two years ago, the original Killzone wasn't even that good a game, I really don't expect the sequel, regardless of how it looks, to match the superb level of gameplay the Halo series has achieved.

Free Game of the Week: Papa Louie


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