For you are Sony, lord of of the idiots

There will be two separate posts today cause the first one is about one singular subject and a little long to continue with what else I have planned to talk about in one post. The next one will follow a few hours later and talk about more general things.

Yes, George, a new contender has emerged. It's pretty obvious that the gaming press has been piling on the hate for Sony, but a lot of it is their fault with everything from ridiculous arrogance to downright lying. But this week, it's like they are just baiting everybody with their ridiculous actions.

First, they claim rumble is a "last-gen" feature. But then they just settled a huge lawsuit over rumble and talk like it's something that is a big part of their future plans. If this was all that happened this week, you could simply write it off as a bad PR timing, but oh it gets much worse (or better depending on your view).

Then there's the oh so fun claims that not only is the demand for the PS3 "unprecedented", but that they are striving to meet the huge demand, and that all "shortages" should be worked out by May. Of course a quick visit to any store that carries PS3 will show you that not only are they readily in stock, according to the latest figures, Sony hasn't even sold half of what they've shipped so far. And yet, you could still even right this off as simple arrogance that should be overlooked...

But finally, really, what cemented Sony a the new lord of the idiots, is the flurry of internet action that happened only a few hours ago. Sony was promising something big that would make gamers very happen at the Game Developers Conference next week. Kotaku followed up with a seemingly solid rumor that Sony was doing something akin to Wii's Mii system, and that would be the big announcement at the show. Now, normally this is the course that would follow-Nintendo fanboys claim Sony is juts copying Nintendo again, Sony fanboys claim it'll be better than anything on that faggy little machine with the lame graphics, and of course your usual "No Comment" from Sony, but that didn't happen this time.

In fact, Sony asked nicely, then threatened Kotaku to not publish the story, and when Kotaku did, they acted like a spoiled brat and swore they would not provide any support to the site (no interviews, no demos, no exclusive stories, etc). This is the absolute stupidest move anyone could do, with not surprisingly there being a huge shit storm on Sony in a matter of a couple of hours, and it gives validity to what was at the start of this merely a strong rumor. Sony must've realized their mistake, as shortly after, they patched things up with Kotaku, but this is an action that can't really be taken back. Once it's out there, it's out there for good. Sony will forever be known as the only game company that punished a site for publishing what was simply at the time a strong rumor which thanks to their reaction blew up into sheer certainty and brought the wrath of just about everybody on all sides down on them. Enjoy your new title Sony, may your reign as Lord of the Idiots be long and full of even bigger mistakes than you made today.

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