Home Sweet Home

GDC is well under-way, and unlike the past 9 months, Sony is coming out to an impressive start. Key is their execs seem to be finally smart enough to not say stupid contradictory things or outright lies, but also is the extremely impressive showing of their user community, called "Home". The two videos below should show it off better than I can explain it, the first is a long 20-minute presentation, the second is a brief trailer, both get the point across that this is a potentially awesome setup, though.

Despite the different approaches by all three companies, all agree that developing a gamer community is extremely important to the future of gaming. If Sony really delivers on all this promises, it could definitely be the key to not only regaining some much needed ground, but ultimately winning the console war.

Also of note was the one big game Sony was really promoting, LittleBigPlanet, which very much falls under the "why the hell didn't anyone think of this before?!?" department. I mean really, a co-op online platformer seems like such a brilliant and easy to do idea, yet Sony of of all people seems to be the first to really put forth a seemingly amazing effort for it, check out the vid:

Luckily, Nintendo, despite reports that they would be mostly silent about anything new, were anything but. They announced that the Wii Online play starts June 25th with Pokemon Battle Revolution, and hopefully others will be soon to follow. They also were showing off quite a bit of Super Paper Mario, which is looking great, as you can see by the vids below (can't wait til April 9th for this):

And Nintendo has a big day tomorrow, with Shigeru Miyamoto having a keynote address in the morning, so hopefully that won't be the last big news we hear.

Finally, I did spend a good portion of the day playing Worms, and I can confirm it is well worth your $10. It's just an insane amount of fun.

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