You down with GDC?

Well you know me. What may be the biggest gaming event this year is upon us this week, the Game Developers Conference. Key note speakers & hopefully big game news is par for the course. We likely already know what Sony's big news is thanks to the giant temper tantrum they had just a couple of days ago, but Microsoft is hinting at something big, and has been able to keep it under wraps (hopefully it's an incredibly awesome to plan to make XBLA not suck). Unfortunately, the word from Nintendo is that there will be no word on anything new due to an impending stock trade. Granted, not like they really need to announce something huge at this point, but it just looks bad with the other two having major announcements and Nintendo not saying anything.

And what if like me you'll be busy checking the web most of Wednesday for GDC news and want something to do in your downtime? Why not join me in a friendly game of Worms? That's right, Worms is FINALLY coming to XBLA this Wednesday, and yours truly plans to spend a good majority of the day blasting the hell out of other worms with classic weapons like the Uzi and the exploding sheep. It's probably the best $10 you'll ever spend.

As I'm kinda beat, that'll be it for today, but I am stopping the "Stand-Up of the Week Feature". Partially because with Corporations really cracking down on sites like youtube it's getting harder and harder to find content, but mainly I just wasn't that into it. But in the meantime, I leave you with this geeky yet entertaining twosome: RYAN VS. DORKMAN:

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