Best Accountant/PI Ever

Although it doesn't really premiere til next week, you can catch what's easily the best new sitcom of the past TV year: Andy Barker, P.I. on NBC's website. I admit the promos didn't look too impressive, but after watching the episodes I'm convinced this deserves a spot on NBC's awesome Thursday night comedy block, though with 4 good comedies it may be hard to squeeze in(here's an idea, dump ER!!!).

Only one movie opening wide this week, but it's so potentially awesome that nothing dare stand in its way. 300, based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller (the same guy who wrote Sin City). From all reports it's basically 90 minutes of Spartans kicking some major ass, which means I'm completely sold and can't wait to check it out tomorrow.

Microsoft may be teaming up with Peter Jackson, but the Wii has a powerful Hollywood Honcho in their corner as well. Steven Spielberg is apparently a big fan and is developing an exclusive game for the system. Details are sparse now, but I'd bet even money on something involving a whip and a fedora...

That's all as it's been kind of a slow day, but I'll leave you with this killer new trailer for Super Mario Galaxy:

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