Well, whether this weekend completely sucks for movies or not is basically dependent on one thing-your inner child. Cause either you're an old school TMNT fan who can't wait for their hopefully fun return to the big screen. It's definitely made more for the older audience, actually picking up after the live action films, but that means it's also missing a couple of fan favorite elements, namely Shredder. The early reviews haven't been too kind, but quite frankly they seem to be from people who are expecting some Pixar-quality production, most of us old school fans aren't asking for that, just seeing something that does justice to the cheesy and fun cartoons & live action TMNT films of old.

The PS3 is out in Europe & Australia now, but to say it's a rousing success is quite a stretch, with stores resorting to things like giving away free TVs and cab rides and making fake crowd sounds over the radio in order to make the event seem bigger. But, the capper is definitely MS taking a huge swipe at them on launch night by parading this all throughout France:

Well the good news is there's a virtual guarantee of no violence with the fact that's there's almost no excitement for the launch. Good job Sony!