But suddenly, a new contender has emerged...

Just a quick note before I get into my rant-Sandra Bullock films & stupid movies about dead scary ventriloquists and their dolls aren't worth writing about, so I won't be discussing this weekend's films unless I somehow get dragged kicking and screaming into the theatre this weekend.

And Sony was just getting used to their crown. But Nintendo has a chance to be the new lord and master of all idiots, and predictably it's because of online. We all know Nintendo has a bad history of online. Even when their system supports it, they just barely seem to care. Even with the DS, which has had tremendous success with online, Nintendo has the very ass-backwards friend code system and has only produced a handful of titles that even have any noteworthy wi-fi capabilities to date.

We were all hoping they'd at least sort of turn a corner with the Wii. Sure, it has a slightly unfriendly code system like the DS, but it seemed like that would be the biggest problem. After all, supposedly the main reason Nintendo was doing this was to protect the kids, and with the seemingly unnecessary steps of having to not only send each other long friend codes, but having to individually register them, it seemed like enough. Well, not for Nintendo. Now, apparently under the pretense of it's what best for the youngins', you'll have to register different friend codes for every single online Nintendo title, even if you already have a bunch of people that you send Miis to. I never thought Nintendo would come up with something as slick as Live or even Home (if that indeed turns out to be as slick as it looks in the first place), but this seems inclined to turn gamers away from online. Sure, certain titles (like Super Smash Bros Brawl), will probably sell through the roof and people will play them online and Nintendo will show that as an example of how their system is a success. But bottom line, these almost EA-style tactics will turn off a lot of people who are used to it being easy, as it should be. Nintendo has repeatedly said they want to lose the kid image, and appeal to a more casual gamer. Well, nobody, casual or hardcore, is going to be pleased with this, and anything that's online and doesn't have Nintendo behind it will most likely suffer greatly. You're only a strong contender for Sony's crown as lord of the idiots right now Nintendo, you have time to fix it by at least making this friend code thing optional so parents have the security they want and gamers over the age of 10 don't have to deal with these ridiculous hassles.


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