The non-dream team

I can honestly say I have a hard time thinking about a worse idea for a blatant vanity project than Wild Hogs. I mean, the only one in this cast who even has any dignity left at this point in their career is William H. Macy, and really, he's pretty much the American Michael Caine, seemingly showing up wherever they'll pay him regardless of the role. The idea of a bunch of over-the-hill guys on a road trip has some potential, but you can see in the previews it's already limited to ridiculously juvenile humor even though it seems aimed at a more sophisticated audience by sheer age of the cast alone.

Luckily this is a rare weekend where not everything looks like a disaster. David Fincher has released what looks to be the first genuinely good thriller in a long, long time in Zodiac. Fincher is excellent at suspense and tension, and according to most reviews, this is a long overdue shot in the arm for the genre, so I'll definitely be checking it out this weekend.

And finally for something very different there's Black Snake Moan with Samuel L. Jackson & Christina Ricci. The premise sounds interesting enough, with Jackson essentially keeping her prisoner for her own good and very Tarantino-esque look & feel to it. But it also seems like the film just may have nowhere to really go from the setup. It does intriguing enough to check out, though.

I did pick SSX Blur, but as I've still got an incredibly full plate of games to go through, I've only played with it a little, but enough to be sure it's a worthwhile purchase.

Finally, I'd like to give a shout out to some very enterprising nerds. Gamers is an interesting idea for a TV show that's actually about gamers, by gamers. I think if it was actually picked up and network execs didn't interfere too much with it, it could be great. They've already gotten money to make a pilot, so that's a start you can click the banner you see at the top of my post to check out the website, and here are 2 trailers I think are pretty funny:

I really hope this gets off the ground, so I'll be sure to post updates on it regularly.

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