Men (and women) in Tights

Tomorrow, the 2nd and final season of Justice League Unlimited comes out and anyone who wants to really know what's wrong with cartoons today should pick this up. The whole run of the show (4 seasons of you count the original Justice League show Unlimited spun-off from). What is wrong, you ask? It that very few, if any cartoon shows these days are anything like Justice League. It's smart, brilliantly animated, filled with great long arcs and twists, pretty much up there with the likes any highly acclaimed modern drama, but of course, never got the same respect simply because it's animated, and it's quite a crime that it only lasted a few seasons when they were able to make you care about so many normally bland DC heroes (I mean really, there's a reason only Batman & Superman have movies and no one else from the DC universe does).

So, it seems like the general reaction for TMNT Arcade for Xbox live hasn't gone too well, with people citing the difficulty level, the simplicity, and the graphics as issues. My response? IT'S A 15-YEAR OLD ARCADE GAME YOU FUCKING NITWITS. I agree that it's unnecessarily difficult and the fact that you can't alter the amount of credits is a bit of bullshit, but it's an accurate recreation of an arcade classic for $5. I think the real problem is people were expecting it to be Turtles in Time, which granted is a far superior title, but that's their fault for expecting it to be something it never was in the first place.

PS3 Owners finally get their hands on Oblivion this week, but minus all the cool expansion stuff you can get on the 360 for now. Great start to your online experience Sony, hope you got this kind of shit figured out before HOME launches.

This may end up being a fairly big week for Wii owners as well. Cooking Mama is easily the biggest title out, as aspiring chefs can have a go at making virtual dishes. I'd probably pick it up if it had online, so hopefully that'll happen when the next edition rolls around.

Potentially equally as intriguing is The Godfather: Blackhand Edition for the Wii. Admittedly, I was ready to write this off as just another in a long line of sloppy ports, but IGN actually gave it a good review, mainly due to the nicely revamped controls. I'm all for ports as long as they are given proper treatment, so hopefully most will be given the same treatment if not better than The Godfather and we'll some some familiar faces worth playing again down the road.

Finally, is NIGHTS coming to the Wii? Probably. Maybe. Oh who the hell knows. All we really know is that The Official Nintendo Magazine, a UK publication, posted this image as a teaser in their latest issue:

Of course there was a lot of speculation-Kid Icarus, a big feature on Mario Galaxy, and of course, a giant April Fool's joke to make us all look like jackasses for getting so hyped over nothing. But the net has picked up this story and ran with it like a juiced marathon competitor, and ONM has confirmed that it's definitely not an April Fool's joke, and is news about a new game, but their next issue doesn't hit for about 6 weeks, so til then, I leave you this comparison shot to consider:

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